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Ningxia Leopard Transportation Co., Ltd. is the largest professional road transportation enterprise of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,the first-class enterprise of national road passenger transportation, the first-class standard enterprise of passenger safety in production standardization of Ministry of Transport,and the key linked road transportation enterprise of Ministry of Transportation.Its registered brand “Tian Bao” is awarded to be “the Ideal Brand of Western China”;its predecessor is Ningxia Automobile Transportation Parent Company, affiliated with the Autonomous Region Department of Transportation, founded in 1951.In July 2002, the enterprise finished reformation of the joint stock cooperative system, and established a limited liability company that “holds by the employee stock holding committee and shares by the nation”.It mainly engages in road passenger transportation and freight transportation, and concurrently engages in such businesses as real estate development, property service, cross-border e-commerce, wholesale and retail of petroleum products, motorist training, freight leasing, express transportation,automobile trade, international tourism, heat supply, accommodation and catering, manufacturing of lead-acid battery, insurance services,weak current security, software engineering and vehicle dynamic information monitoring platform construction.


It owns 5,600 employees, 10 functional departments, 40 branches,8 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 2 holding companies and 1 joint stock company.It owns over 1,000 passenger cars and RMB 1.03 billion of total assets,passenger transportation production of which is centered in its capital Yinchuan,radiating throughout Ningxia and such provinces, cities and autonomous regions as Shaanxi, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Beijing, Liaoning, Shandong, Anhui, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Shenzhen and Sichuan.Bus stations basically cover every places of the whole Ningxia, run 421 passenger traffic lines, and depart 837 schedules daily,with 1.3 billion passenger kilometers of annual passenger person-kilometers, more than RMB 580 million of annual operating income,and more than RMB 30 million of annual state tax revenue.Its property management covers 3 communities, over 300,000 m2 of the real estate development area, and 1.6 million m2 of heat supply area.


In the aspect of passenger transportation, it breaks the single passenger transport route business, extends passenger service,and develops such businesses as chartering and rental vehicles for tourists, conference reception vehicles, large-scale activity vehicles and varnishes.For many years, it has excellently accomplished guarantee tasks for transportation of various meetings and large-scale activities held in the district and nation:


2003 National Minority Games Meeting and Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Award

2007, 2008, 2009 China (Ningxia) International Investment Trade Discussing Meeting

2008 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 50th Celebration and Wenchuan Earthquake Relief Work

2008 Beijing Olympic Games

2010-2015 Ningxia International Investment Trade Discussing Meeting and China and Arab League Economy and Trade Forum and China and Arab League Exposition


Its transportation service, property and real estate development successively passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.By constantly propelling to implement the international quality management standard,it established the enterprise scientific management mode and the security service quality system with outstanding effects.With good reputation and service, senior management experience and solid enterprise strength,in 1994, it ranked 48th of the national biggest service industry (the road transportation service);in 2003, it won the professional ethics advanced unit of the whole district;in 2005, it was awarded as the advanced collective of national traffic by State Personnel Board and Ministry of Communications;from 2003 to 2015, it was awarded as the top 100 national traffic transportation enterprise and the top 100 integrity enterprise for many times,in 2011, the first session of Ningxia top 100 enterprise;in 2012, it was awarded as the A-level tax-paying credit unit by the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region;in 2014, it was awarded as Ningxia safety production advanced unit;From 2013 to 2015, it was awarded as the energy conservation and emission reduction excellent contribution enterprise of national traffic transportation for 3 successive years.


Ningxia Leopard Transportation Co., Ltd. will constantly develop the endeavored, realistic, sincere, hardworking and thrifty enterprise spirit,and insist on the quality policy of “safety, on schedule, comfort, convenience, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement”,to meet challenges and create glory again!





Corporate web site: http://www.nty.com.cn   

WeChat public No.: nty0951 

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Postal address: No. 530 Qinghe North Street, Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia

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